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Reiki for our pets

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Just some of our Reiki Fur Babies

Reiki for fur babies available.. we can work out the best option for your pet, whether its a hands on or  distant healing or a combo of both . We have had some fantastic results using Reiki combined with flower essences if there are underlying issues involved.

Our fur babies respond very well with the all natural Australian Bush Flower Essences, made up here by Phoenix Tears. We can discuss any emotional needs your baby has and target those specific issues with a flower essence personally designed for your pets needs.

animal healing

Our Animal friends can sometimes have a lot to deal with, trying to find their natural ground in what can be an unnatural environment, sometimes trying to find that balance becomes too much and can affect the animal in a number of ways from behavioral to physical problems. Animals respond very well to Reiki, often conditions are improved very quickly. Reiki helps to heal the spirit, it gives the animal back a sense of confidence with other animals and humans and helps to bring about a sense of trust and connection. Reiki helps to balance out the emotions helping them to overcome their behavioral problems. If your pet has emotional issues due to a traumatic situation such as abuse or neglect or being hit by a car etc, Reiki can help release and heal those emotions. Reiki can help your pet relax, reducing stress and anxiety which lead to behavioral problems, if your pet is sick or injured Reiki can help accelerate the healing process and bring great comfort to your pet . VETERINARY MEDICINE SHOULD NEVER BE REPLACED WITH REIKI, ALWAYS GET PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE BUT REIKI WORKS WONDERFULLY AND IS A GREAT COMPLIMENT TO PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT. If your pet is dying Reiki can help bring comfort and peace to you and your pet during this difficult time


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