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Distant Healing




About Distant / Absentee Healing

Most people associate receiving Reiki in person with the practitioner there with them during the treatment, however a Reiki session can be provided at a distance. That means that the practitioner is in one place and the receiver can be anywhere in the world. Distance Reiki is just as effective.

With the trained practitioner’s intention along with the use of Reiki techniques and symbols, the practitioner can send energy to the client. The clients will receive the energy where it is needed most in their body, mind, and emotions. The person receiving the energy can be working, sleeping, relaxing or engaged in activity, it does not matter. Although most practitioners would prefer that the receiver be relaxed while the energy is sent, it is not necessary.

During a distant Reiki session, clients will feel similar physical sensations as they would in receiving the session in person. Some of these sensations might include tingling, warmth, and a sense of inner peace and deep relaxation. You might even feel the mind-calming down or the lessening of physical symptoms. Some people might be alert and aware of everything in the session while others might drift off into a deep state of relaxation.

Reiki is simply Universal Life force energy, the energy that surrounds all life and keeps us alive.

The Universal Life Force energy is always present and all around us, nurturing and healing us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Energy knows no time or space and this is why distant healing is just as powerful as in person /hands on healing.
In this times of world change and social distancing it is even more important to keep our systems healthy and in balance.
You will find distant healing works just as powerful and relaxing as if you and I were physically together.

Just a few of the amazing benefits from having regular sessions 

     Balances mood and emotions

      Reduces anxiety and depression

      Improves overall quality of sleep

      Relieves physical discomfort and pain

      Enhances your body’s ability to heal itself

      Helps in keeping you grounded and centered

Personalized Distant Healing

A mutual time is arranged – session is 30 minutes

I do prefer you find a nice, relaxing space where you wont be disturbed

Listen to some relaxing music, burn a candle, essential oils or incense ( although these are all optional)

Be open to receive the energy that is being channeled.

I like to request a photo of the recipient , age and general location

A detailed email will be sent within 24 hours outlining the energetic blocks which were found, the probable emotional causes and link to physical dis-ease. Chakra Balance will be done and tips or advice given on how to keep these energy centers open .

I will also add anything else I am guided to at the time.

Cost for personalized Distant Healing with email consult

$30 – payment via bank transfer or paypal accepted 



Sunday Evening Free Group Distant Healing – please head over to our facebook page.
Names to reach me before 5pm Sunday please.
Free Group Distant Healing, please add your name, that of someone you know, or your beloved fur baby 🐾❤️ if you would like to be included.
You are welcome to inbox me for more privacy.
As you can see I call upon many to help with this healing. The highest Reiki Masters, guides and Angels , Medicine Buddha, White Tara and Lord Ganesh just to name a few.
I use grandfather sage, crystal grids and the healing bear along with the Etheric Weaver and whatever else I am guided to use or bring in at the time.
Healing is always sent “for your highest good”
This is a free service, however things always work best when there is an exchange of energy so I ask all who receive to please pass on an act of kindness to someone else ❤️🙏



 “I honor the place within you where the entire Universe resides; I honor the place within you of love, of light, of truth, of peace; I honor the place within you, where, when you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, there is only one of us.”



Our fur babies are a huge part of our family so they are included and always welcome to our Healing list.

Because Reiki Energy is not limited by time and distance, Distant Reiki Healings can also be given without the client being present. It is easily done and works very well.

Time and distance are no longer a factor to help others with their healing. With distance Reiki, wonderful results can be attained. It can be done anywhere, and at any time. Mutual times do not need to be set up, but it is important to get permission from the person either verbally, or through their higher spiritual self before sending the Reiki energies

Love & Light & a rainbow of blessings

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