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Reiki healing bears


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Reiki Bears

These bears have been attuned to Reiki Level Three by Reiki Master and Teacher Susie Carroll These bears can be used by Reiki Masters to teach their students distant healing, though more commonly you will find them in the arms of a client, as these bears provide you with continued Reiki healing wherever and whenever it is needed. They make a wonderful gift to uplift a loved ones daily life, or for any special occasion where you might be looking for that unique gift. Reiki Bears are wonderful for children and adults alike, as they provide comfort and healing to all. Just snuggle up with your Reiki Bear for comfort, or place on affected area for energy healing. Reiki Bears of course do not replace a full healing by a qualified practitioner, but they are great to have around so that REIKI is always at hand whenever required in your day to day life.Each Reiki bear is uniquely personalised by me, and has Reiki charged energy given directly to crystals which are then placed into the body of the bear. Reiki symbols are placed on a band down the chest, and then the bear is given a Level Three Reiki attunement. The energy within this little bear is quite powerful! While Rose Quartz and Amethyst crystals are the standard crystals used within a Reiki Healing Bear, other crystals can be used instead to meet your own personalised needs. You will notice that all bears come with an Amethyst crystal, a great choice due to it’s amazing healing and protective properties. 

The Bears can be specially designed to suit your needs, so please allow plenty of time for delivery. Bears will vary in size, colour, and design,  They will come with an individual certificate of authentication.  Prices will range from $30 upwards.

Enquiries are welcome. 

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