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Crystal healing is an alternative healing technique for strengthening the body and resolving issues and patterns using various forms of natural crystals. The theory is that the crystals carry vibrational rates. By placing these vibrational rates within the aura – your aura’s vibrational rates also change. Often the effects are indirect, but very potent. 

Crystals  have been used throughout the ages to improve various human conditions. The color and mineral composition lend energy to improving situations from headaches to digestion on a physical level and  mood imbalances on an emotional level. But crystals don’t stop with just the physical or the emotional aspects of our lives. Crystals  can help us mentally and spiritually as well. The color and vibration of each crystal relates to and balances  one or more of the chakras. There are seven basic energy centers within and around you known as chakras. Each of these energy centers regulates aspects of yourself on a physical, spiritual, mental and emotional level. We need to keep these energy centers in alignment to maintain overall health and well-being. Using a color or crystal therapy is a wonderful healing tool especially incororated into a Reiki healing. Using crystals is easy. Simply carrying the stone in your pocket or purse and touching it from time to time during the day brings your awareness back to your goal or intention. Placing it in your pillow case at night or around your home where you can see it is another way it incorporates awareness in your life. A tumbled crystal is small enough to carry in your pocket or put into your pillow case without weighing you down. They are pretty and affordable, too! Of course, wearing crystal jewelry  is very effective and attractive as well


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